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Henna Capital | Associates maintains a global presence by through its offices and extended team based in strategic locations around the world.

+1 (212) 867-8225 (East Coast)
+1 (602) 852-9100 (West Coast)

+1 (212) 867-4235 (East Coast)
+1 (602) 852-9102 (West Coast)

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Mailing Addresses

East Coast, United States
144 East 44th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10017

West Coast, United States
3165 East Marlette Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016-2385

Middle East
Granada Building
Al Jazeera Al Arabia Street
P.O. Box 8960
Doha, Qatar

South Asia
c/o Claridges PVT, Ltd.
12 Aurangzeb Road
New Delhi-110011



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